Macy and John's Spring Engagement Session

"After we got ready for today we realized we both had put on the watches we gave each other for our first Christmas together!"

These two. Oh my gosh. I absolutely love Macy and John's dynamic. If every couple were as kind and honest to the other as them, there would be SO many more smiles in the world. 

Let's talk realness for a moment. When it comes to engagement sessions, the guys aren't typically the ones planning for weeks and showing up all giddy and glowing. However, they tend to enjoy themselves once they realize it's not as excruciating as they expected and actually, *gasp*, a little fun. This session was on a cloudy, nearly foggy, chilly day at Jacobson Park, not necessarily a day you'd want to be outside lounging on a blanket trying to look all relaxed. When Macy, halfway through the session, turned to John and told him how much she appreciated that he was there and that he was doing a wonderful job, I couldn't help but think that they've got this relationship thing figured out. And that's not an easy feat. It's no secret that healthy relationships take a lot of work. John knew how important this session was to her and was therefore willing to do whatever it took to produce amazing photos and Macy recognized that.

Then, when I asked about the right-hand ring she was wearing, Macy told me that it was also a gift from John. Laughing she exclaimed 'recieving gifts is definitely one of my love languages!'

See what I mean? This relationship has amazing foundations because they understand what it takes, are clearly making the effort to learn the fundamentals of communication, and their wedding is still four months away! I have no doubt at all that it's only going to get better with time for Macy and John.

Also... about that ring.... that's a funny story.

The ring is in the shape of a horseshoe. She pointed out that it also kind of looked like a U, for Usher. Now, I work with quite a few couples, on top of students and anyone I meet teaching, so I have to learn a lot of names. Admittedly, I'm generally pretty happy if I can keep track of first names. Usually my correspondence is with the bride-to-be so that tends to be the last name I associate with a couple, mostly just from the repetition of emails and texts.


Of course I completely forgot that John's last name is Usher. When Macy said the U was for Usher I must have had the most puzzled look on my face and when we both burst out laughing I realized which Usher. No, she doesn't wear a ring for the R&B singer... but now everytime I look at these photos and see the horseshoe ring I can't help but giggle!

I don't doubt that their August wedding is going to be special. If their family and friends are anything like Macy and John, it's going to be incredibly genuine and fun. And most importantly, I bet these two are really going to be present in a way that not everyone is on what is often a hectic day. They're going to make a point to check in on each other, steal quiet moments to celebrate together, and truly enjoy the entire day, and what it stands for, from beginning to end.

And that's how it should be ❤️

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Red River Gorge Engagement Session

When I suggested a little adventure for Tori and David's engagement session, she replied "the more nature the better!"


We picked the Red River Gorge to try and get amazing, sweeping views. This meant a little bit of a haul for them since they are in Louisville. These two, however, are no strangers to travel or adventure, and I loved hearing about their recent global wanderings and plans for their Utah wedding. Sure, the east doesn't haven't quite the dramatic scenery of the west, but that doesn't mean we don't have stunning backdrops!

With so many options (so many!) we settled on a spot that had awesome views but was a little longer of a drive on a bumpy gravel road. The trail wasn't long, but definitely had the potential to be muddy. A couple weeks beforehand I went out and the road and trail were covered in snow... but, it melted. Phew. Then we got snow. AGAIN. 

Winter wasn't done yet. Had we only known (here we are a few weeks later and it snowed today)...

But, at least for this session, the odds were in our favor and we had one warm stretch, just enough to melt the snow. We watched the weather for days as it flirted between sun and rain and snow and finally the forecast landed on snow and freezing rain... not starting until a handful of hours after our session. Win! Although the clouds moved in towards the end of our time, we still had plenty of beautiful golden light streaming through the trees.

I had worked with Tori before their session on styling and they were PERFECT! The muted blues and greys of their first outfit looked magnificent with the winter landscape. And that skirt! Within a week I had ordered one for myself (true story). Their second, more formal styles definitely got me thinking how awesome of a spot this would be for an elopement or intimate ceremony. Also, guys, if you have any doubt at all about wearing a suit for your session, I hope this convinces you to reach for one... there's simply no substitute!

My favorite moment was when I asked David to sing to Tori in a Mickey Mouse voice, Happy Birthday since her birthday was coming up... and I could hardly shoot from laughing so hard. Even the other sunset-seekers at the overlook were giggling, which just made us all laugh even more.  Sure, we were all shivering by the end of the shoot, especially once the sun disappeared, but it was 100% worth it!

Check out some of their photos:


Formal Champagne Engagement Session in Lexington

Formal Champagne Engagement Session in Lexington

“Can you at least tell me if I need to put all my stuff in 3.4 oz bottles in a Ziploc bag?”

That’s what made me laugh the most about Tawny and Matt’s engagement story. He flew in her family and had planned an airport proposal with their help. Matt told her that they were going on a surprise trip, so she packed her bags and kept asking what kind of weather she should pack for, how many days, and he would give her vague answers. Finally, the question about if they were flying. He hesitated and, as all women know, flying-while-female requires a little advance notice since you have to put everything you use on a daily basis into tiny bottles and somehow cram it into a quart-sized bag.

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Cozy Winter Distillery District Engagement Session


"You're so beautiful. How'd I ever get so lucky?"

That's what Andrew wrote on one of the photos from our session that Elizabeth posted. 

And he's right, she is. Maybe she's always so full of life, I'm not sure since I just met them a few weeks ago, but I suspect he's partially responsible for the laughter and smiles.  

I can tell she feels the same way about him, too. When both people feel so incredibly fortunate to have found the other it produces this almost tangible gratitude. And that's an energy that you just want to be around.   

We had so much fun exploring the different corners of the distillery district in Lexington in the late winter sun. In between shots they had me laughing, especially telling stories of the dynamics of having a dog, a cat, and a rabbit under one roof. I can't imagine, two cats produce enough wild antics in our household. Besides, if I had that trio I'd never get anything done because I'd always be taking photos of every. single. adorable. interaction.

February can be dismal in terms of weather, but we were given an amazing, golden evening. It was warm enough to be comfortable, but not too warm that getting all cozy, wrapped up in a blanket or curling up for champagne was out of order. Andrew effortlessly opened the champagne and poured their glasses. I need him around on all of my champagne sessions.

Personally, I feel like any time is a good time for champagne, but a blanket, a field, and the setting winter sun seemed like the perfect end to the day. He leaned towards her and gently kissed her. They were both giggling. Maybe it was the bubbles. Or maybe it was the closeness that an engagement session brings. It's time set aside to make beautiful art while looking a person in the eyes that you have chosen as your forever person.

Just look at them. 

Can all days be so beautiful?

distillery district lexington engagement
lexington distillery district engagement