Meet Summer! 

Once ate six orders of tiramisu… in one sitting

Has incurable wanderlust

Walks cats on leashes

Sleeps during Shavasana

Voted worlds worst hula-hooper

Podcast fanatic

Runs without being chased

Wears flowers in her hair

Succulent grower extraordinaire 

Wishes Capri Blue Volcano were a flavor


"It gave me goose bumps -

You captured not only all the family and friends who were there to celebrate with them, but also the joy, happiness, emotion, and atmosphere
of the day."

-Arlene (mother of the bride)
 Malaga, Spain


"I have to stop showing them to the girls at work!

I come near them with my phone and they go the other way, I can't help it!"

-Dorothea (mother of the groom)

Lexington, KY & Worldwide