Wrap up the week and semester with us!

We are located at 208 E Bell Court in Lexington. If you haven't been here before it's a red brick house with cafe lights on the porch.

Parking: We have a shared driveway so please avoid parking in it. There is a good amount of street parking in the neighborhood but please be mindful of parking right in front of other houses; due to many shared driveways most of our neighbors park on the street. There is ample parking a couple hundred feet away around the block containing the Bell House. 

What to bring: We will have some beverages, snacks, and desserts out so if you plan on dropping in feel free to bring your adult beverage of choice (age-dependent of course). If you make a killer appetizer or dessert and would rather bring that, that's totally cool, too... we won't object!

Any other questions? Let us know below with your RSVP!

Hope to see you all at some point throughout the evening!