Along with capturing the traditional parts of the day, I pride myself in having an eye for the little moments that happen throughout the day, and being able to document them in a natural way that doesn't feel intrusive.


I promise that as you are looking through your album decades down the road (or swiping!) you will be incredibly thankful that you had someone there capable of documenting it all. The look on his face as you walk down the aisle. The way your grandparents smiled at each other as you read your vows. The flower girl feeding your canine ring-bearer green beans under the table. Your college buddies and your childhood friends arm-in-arm serenading you at the end of the night. 


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"It gave me goose bumps -

You captured not only all the family and friends who were there to celebrate with them, but also the joy, happiness, emotion, and atmosphere
of the day."

-Arlene (mother of the bride)
 Malaga, Spain

"Working with Summer was the best and just an absolute blast!

Our engagement pictures felt like my fiancé and I were on a date! Started off with a delicious latte and ended with a sunset and stroll by the lake in the moonlight! We are thrilled she is taking our wedding photos."

-Marie (bride)



"I have to stop showing them to the girls at work!

I come near them with my phone and they go the other way, I can't help it!"

-Dorothea (mother of the groom)


Let's chat! If you are interested in a particular date, send me an email or information request ASAP so I can let you know if your date is still available. The average investment for wedding coverage is about $2800. 

Planning a destination wedding? Make sure you let me know as I have special destination packages! 


Frequently asked questions....


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My style has been described as airy and ethereal. When I shoot, I purposefully expose for skin tones so that my clients look their absolute best. You can expect creamy, light images that are going to feel modern, high-end, and look amazing on your screen or walls!

Q: Does your wedding fee include high resolution digitals? 

A: Yes!

Q: My wedding is in [insert amazing location here], will you travel? 

A: Definitely! I love to travel and am constantly crossing countries off of my list. I'm happy to be a part of your destination wedding, just let me know where when you contact me so I can send you the appropriate price sheet.

Q: My venue requires that all vendors have insurance, are you covered?

A: Absolutely! Summer Jasmine Photography is licensed in Kentucky and insured through Hill & Usher. I am happy to provide proof of insurance upon request.


Q: What time should my wedding be for the best light/photos? 

A: The least flattering time is mid-day, when the sun is really high. This will produce dark shadows under the eyes and on the sides of faces. Often this is unavoidable (especially with venues that don't allow for late evenings), but when you are working on your wedding timeline ask yourself what you want your photos to look like. If you want softer light, opt for a wedding later in the day, maybe two to three hours before sunset. This will allow time for the ceremony as well as transition well into 'golden hour' for stunning portraits after the ceremony. 

Q: Should I have an unplugged wedding? 

A: Once again, this is really your choice. However, I find the most enjoyable weddings are the ones where the ceremony itself is unplugged, so that guests can truly be present, but where it's safe to bring the phones and cameras out during the reception (because, let's be honest, your guests got all dolled up and are going to love snapping photos of themselves in your gorgeous venue!)


Q: Do you do portraits or non-wedding events?

A: On a limited basis, yes. However, because I tend to stay busy otherwise, I don't seek them out. If you are interested in setting up a maternity shoot, senior portraits, or anniversary session, let me know and if I'm available I'd love to work with you!

Q: Do you offer a friends and family discount?

A: I offer friends and family 10% off.